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Not related to whitewater, but if any of you would like a day paddling on Horsetooth Reservoir (west of Fort Collins), herding swimmers, this is just the ticket! Due to lots of interest from swimmers this year, the swim organizers are looking for more paddlers (kayak, canoe, row boat, etc).

Time wise, the swim starts at 7am August 15. Both the 10K swim and the 2.4mile swims start then, the boaters in the 2.4mile swim will probably be done about 2 hours later, the 10K will take 3-4 hours depending on the swimmer. So depending on where you'd get assigned it could be 3-5 hours.

For the 2.4 mile course you would be keeping the paddlers within a course that is setup that starts and ends in Satanka cove. You will not be assigned a specific swimmer, but will be assigned a specific area to "patrol". Your goal is to keep swimmers in the course and keep an eye out for any swimmer who is in trouble.

For the 10K swim, each swimmer will get one support paddler. The paddler gets to paddle the entire length
of Horsetooth - 6.2 miles from the south end to the north end (finish in Satanka cove). The job here is to keep boats away from the swimmer, keep an eye on the swimmer, provide food/water, enjoy the scenery.

for more information, please visit

If you are interested in volunteering to be a paddler, please contact:
George Thornton 970-482-1818
Joe Bakel 970-224-2153
or by email: [email protected]
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