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High Water Gore

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Some shots from last weekend - the last of a long season of high water Gore!

County 5: High Water Gore
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This is great stuff. Nice to see folks just going for the gut.
Great shots Oliver! Wish I could've made it up to join in the fun. It was a crazy long season of high water up there...if only it was closer.
Once again great county 5 write up Oliver! I'm surprised you didn't see Mike Staggs up there.
Flow was about 2600. I think I saw Mike Stagg's floating into Gore as we got out to scout. He didn't look too happy tho - he gets grumpy once it's drops below 3,000.
Nice shots Oliver! Good luck to the boys on the Stikine! I love Higgenbothams training regiment. "I'm gonna run Gore, Poudre Narrows, and then spend 3 days in Idaho on the North Fork. Then I'll take a rest... for a month and fly up there."
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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