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New to Mountain Buzz, been lurking for sometime now but thought it was time to pull the trigger and join!
Im from Truckee, Ca. I Grew up in Vermont, but would go to WV as a kid and teenager to visit family. I Feel in love with rafting on the New and Gauley River as a kid, but then took a pretty long break till my late 30's. A few years back I got myself and IK and was sucked back into the world of paddle sports pretty quickly. Fully addicted! This spring i did 10 day guide school on the klamath cal salmon and rogue. Then swiftwater in June. I've Done a little paddle guiding on the SF American. Now At that point I was even more fully addicted! I bought a 14' raft with oar frame in June and have been trying to get out as much as I can ever since. Its been an amazing summer! Ive got a huge list of rivers I'd like to run but Ive managed to tick off a few so far.... Klamath, Main Salmon, Rogue, Cal Salmon, Tuolumne, Truckee, SF American.....hoping to get the North Fork of the Smith , North Fork of American, and Owyhee when they are in this winter/spring......Looking for like minded peoples in my area or anywhere.......I always down to get out there.
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