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I'm completely new to the world of white water. I've done some rafting trips/tours before when on my holidays and have found it pretty exhilarating but I've not yet taken it up as a proper hobby. I'm hoping that will change this year. I'm a huge fan of the outdoors and love trying new sports, the bigger the adrenaline rush, the better, so this seems like a perfect hobby to get into. Although I love outdoor sports and I'm a very competent swimmer, I've never really done any water based sports like surfing, skiing, that sort of thing. I've done some kayaking in the past and really enjoyed that, but never on demanding waters. I love watching people navigate the rapids with a kayak though and it does appeal to me as something I'd like to try. My partner is keen on getting involved too as he's much the same as me, enjoys sport and enjoys a rush. I suppose I was just wondering what other women would recommend as a staring point. Would it maybe be wise to start with dingy rafting before moving onto kayaking/canoeing? Guessing that way you can build-up a better understanding of the risks involved and a greater respect for the beast you are dealing with.
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it's going to be cheaper to get into kayaking. watch the classifieds for used kayaks or look for a spring swap. you can probably find a couple of used kayaks and enough gear to get started for 4 or 5 hundred each. then find some friends that know enough to keep you safe while you're figuring it out. expect it to take a year or two. welcome to Whitewater you'll love it
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