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Dear paddlers,

There are dozens of dams in the planning for the amazing headwaters of the Amazon: Rios Marañon, Huallaga, Apurimac, Mantaro, Urubamba. In particular Río Marañon has 20 dams planned. I paddled 550 miles of the river last year and found it to be one of the best in the world - a bona fide Grand Canyon of South America!

Sign a petition or send a letter to SAVE RIO MARANON!
SAVE RIO MARANON! Oppose dams planned to drown the entire hydrological source of the Amazon River

Join an exploratory or other expedition:
Rio Pampas-Apurimac guided raft/kayak expedition: 9-18 days, up to 450 km, class IV; Shared costs; JOIN US!
Rio Marañon guided raft/kayak expedition: 9-28 days, up to 650 km, class III to IV; JOIN US!

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SierraRios: Kayak, Raft, and Protect Rivers in Mexico and Peru
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