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Help sizing fishing frame

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My raft measures 53"wide center to center. Its a 12' RMR. Does anyone have an opinion whether the 48" or 54" fishing frame would fit better? Either way the frame should sit on the chafer pad, but is bigger better in this case?
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Go 54". That's only half inch off on either side. I've got a super puma and built my frame 4" wider than center to center and it's great.
agree, go wider of the two options listed - 54".

With those dimensions I assume your looking at NRS... If so you could have them make you wider bars so your frame sits further on the outside of the tubes. I like having the frame side rails out at the edge of the tube, gives you places to tuck rod holder and such.
You'd be better off with 57" if you can get them to do it. But 54 will work, 48 won't.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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