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Help kids learn to kayak through getting your next family portrait!
My photography business has a special offer to raise funds to support the Lyons Kids Kayak Club. If you need a family portrait please read on.

Holcombe Photography will be donating the proceeds from ten of their portrait sessions back to the program for much needed kayak equipment. Peter Holcombe Photography specializes in creating personal fine art photographs that celebrate people in dramatic natural environments. They create custom wall art for the home as well as handcrafted books that illustrate families enjoying beautiful Colorado landscapes. Portrait sessions are valued at $100 with the entire $100 going to benefit the Lyons Kids Kayaking Club! Not only are the Holcombe’s great photographers, their daughter is a participant in the Lyons Kids Kayak Club and has experienced great success and had loads of fun meeting new friends and other families. If you are considering creating a family portrait this year, please contact Peter Holcombe Photography at 303-514-0834 or check out some amazing examples of their work at and learn more about how your family portrait can help support a great program. And if you haven’t already done so, check out the Lyons Kids Kayaking Club.

Lyons Kids Kayaking Club Fundraising Opportunity
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