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Help Identifying/Pricing this raft

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Hi all,

I am thinking about purchasing this raft but do not know anything about this raft or Legacy in general. Does anyone recognize this raft or know anything about it?

Thanks in advance.

Craiglist Link

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Is it a self bailer or a bail bucket boat?
Looks like a self bailer from the craiglist add.. but photo also looks like it has blown floor baffles which i would avoid.
Is it a self bailer or a bail bucket boat?
It's a self bailer
Looks like a self bailer from the craiglist add.. but photo also looks like it has blown floor baffles which i would avoid.
I only see one seam that is blown. Did you see more? And why is that such a big issue?

I’m in PDX and look at Craigslist daily. I would avoid that raft. Baffles in a floor are like I beams that are glued (or welded) to the top and bottom of the floor. They are incredibly hard to repair (have to cut a hole next to the baffle for almost the entire length and then patch that when finished). There is a reason the baffle blew. Old glue, moisture in the floor, bad juju. That’s a can of worms right there.
From my googling it looks like legacy rafts we’re kind of a “prosumer” model raft and used pretty lightweight rubber to begin with.
I'll go the other way. If the frame's in good shape, you've got a complete setup to get on the water for less than $1,500. I've known folks to run boats with a blown I-Beam for years and do just fine. You could be on the water this weekend and saving up money for getting a better boat in a couple of years*. A lot depends on what you are looking for - if you're looking for a boat to run the Middle Fork at high water, then pass. But if you just want something for splashy trips and to learn to row as your first boat, it could be just the ticket.

* Note that the frame's actually too wide for the raft, so for your next boat you'd need to make sure to find something that would fit under the frame properly. Get the dimensions on the frame top-to top and see if there are many other boats on the market now that match. Those will be what you want to look for in a couple of years when you're ready to upgrade the rubber.
I agree with Andy. Run the floor a little soggy and the boat will track better without the worry of blowing more l beams. Get a better boat in a few years and sell that one for cheap. That is not a bad price for the gear you get with it.
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I bought a bucket boat Legacy last summer with a frame and oars for around $500. I bought it for the frame so I sold the raft without ever using it. It held air just fine for days, and appeared to be OK, but the material was very thin. The guy that bought it took it home and started cleaning it and the raft started to chalk up and turn to aligator skin. He drove 3 hours to buy it. I ended up refunding most of the money to the buyer. He said he only used soap and water on it, and he seamed like a pretty good guy, but who knows what he used or if I was scammed. He did send photos and it didn't look good. Either way after that experience I'd be leery of a Legacy Boat. From what I read about them they were same/similar as the Udisco, which had the nickname "Udeathco" because they were so flimsy they would Taco easily. Maybe that is less of an issue on a Self Bailer. Most reviews weren't negative though, and some folks like those boats. Anyway good luck either way, and if you buy it and enjoy it please let us know?
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