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Fellow Paddlers,

We need your help to make a dream become a reality. As you may know, Oregon City is in the midst of planning a major redevelopment adjacent to our incredible Willamette Falls at the former Blue Heron site. We have an opportunity to add a whitewater park to the design process, creating a world-class attraction and transforming the falls into one of the region’s top outdoor recreation destinations.

In order for a whitewater park to be considered, the Willamette Falls Legacy Project needs to hear from you about why this project is so important to Oregonians.

We know a whitewater park would:

Use the power and gradient of the falls to create a new side channel for world-class recreation attractive to both spectators and users
Build on the natural beauty of the falls while also facilitating viewing access to the falls.
Draw over 380,000 visits to Willamette Falls each year.
Create new, good-paying jobs in an area that really needs them.
Produce net economic benefits of $20-30 million / year.

There are two ways to let your voice be heard:

1. Attend the public meeting hosted by Willamette Falls Legacy Project:

Wednesday, March 30
3pm – 8pm
Abernathy Center
606 15th St, Oregon City

2. Give your opinion and ideas online:

Submit your ideas online

Thank you again for your dedicated support. To learn more about this exciting project, please visit the Willamette Falls Whitewater Park Website.

Learn more about the Willamette Falls Legacy Project.

Contact us: [email protected]
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