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there was a discussion on boatertalk this past week in responce to a person asking about wearing a bicycle helmet for kayaking. my responce to the post is below and i just wanted to include mountainbuzz....the link to the topic on boatertalk is:

this was my response:

I'm sure most of you know I work with/for Head Trip helmets. I will try not to promote HTH in this post too much, but do be aware where I am coming from. There is not current standard for helmets in the whitewater industry, today. That being said, many companies are testing their helmets on their own and most helmets on the market today are crossed-over into other markets (skiing, biking, etc) that do have standards for their respective industries.

One thing I have learned through working with HTH and from past experiences working in ski shops is that most helmets are designed for single impact - plastic or composite. Even most motorcycle helmets are designed for single impact. How is this done? The foam. The plastic or composite shells were (and some still are) designed to crack upon impact and rely on the liner to absorb the rest of the energy. In efforts to design a low profile DOT approved helmet, we found that by using a carbon/kevlar weave and a more energy absorbant liner (ensolite), we could exceed DOT testing with lower profile, multi-impact helmet. This is the helmet we sell for action sports (kayaking, kiteboarding, skiing, etc) and non-DOT helmets. The only reson this helmet is not "DOT approved" is the puncture test. Familiar with this test? You take a steel rod that comes to a point and drop it on the helmet from above. (dumbed-down version) Our goal has been to exceed these standards and offer the consumer a helmets that is comfortable, stylish, and protective.

Please remember to take care of your helmet and it will take care of you. If you huck your lid out the window or accidentally run it over with your vehicle, please have it inspected by the manufacturer or dealer. No company will warranty an abused product. If your helmet cracks from an impact, it did its job, be psyched it wasn't your skull!! Whatever helmet you decide to wear, it is going to protect you better than no helmet at all. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please go to our website at or email me at [email protected]

matt solomon
Head Trip Helmets
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