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hells canyon boat limit question...

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Ok so I have a hells canyon in august and right now we are at 8 rafts and cats 24 people... it says the limit is 8 vessels.. so does this mean a ducky counts the same as a boat... I have a friend that wants to row a ducky.. is that out?
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Duckies are "floatcraft" they get boat tags.

So you're saying a ducky or kayak counts as one of the eight?
I would presume so it says "maximum of 8 floatcraft", they are listed on the permit as boats and get tags.
Well that sucks. Thanks for the response.
Call and check with the office to be sure - this is just my interpretation of what is written; could be incorrect. I swear I remember boat tags for duckies so I'm presuming they are included in the numbers.
IKs counted as floatcraft as described above on our hells trip last year.
Stupid reg.
just keep it rolled up till after you launch
Stupid reg.
just keep it rolled up till after you launch
I was thinking the same thing... I think the reason they have this rule is so that the jet boat traffic isnt' waiting for a group of 15 boats to run the rapid... But 8? and counting duckies... As I read it it any vessel counts towards the total... I might give them a call and see if there is any give to this rule..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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