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Kind of earlier to be talking like that. lets just hope the current trend keeps up...


9 News says:

SUMMIT COUNTY - With some of the heaviest snow in 120 years, flood preparation plans are in the works in Summit County.

"All the snowfall we've had, it's a concern," says Philip Anderson, whose home backs onto Straight Creek in Dillon.

"Even though the runoff may not start until March, April, May, we need to be ready now," says Jonathon Comyn, Summit County Emergency Manager.

Comyn says this winter is working up to be one of the top five snowiest in the past 120 years.

When the melt begins, "all the culverts and drainage ditches next to roads will become flowing streams," says Comyn. He says local police and fire departments have already been meeting about how to respond to a big flood.

"We're getting a snap shot of how many sandbags we have and how many we think we need," says Comyn.

He says homeowners should be looking into flood insurance policies, even if they don't live near water. Preparations are also in the works for possible mud and rock slides.

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