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The answer is no in my opinion but its contribution to the sport remains significant.

I bring this up because I was reading Dons post on the thread about JKs new Villain and it got me thinking about how the web has shaped kayaking in some profound ways.

First off its very easy to get beta on a run which has minimized the mystery of a run. This makes a river more accessible.

Second it has changed the persona of the boater. Now the stories are shared more rapidly and more publically. Additonally the legends are so much more accessible. We can see a video of a world record waterfall descent in a matter of days after. Rather than months. I think that this has given people courage to head out and try more difficult things.

In the end the change in boat designs is significant as well as the things that they allow us to do now especially when it comes to play boats. So far as creekers they have not changed as radically so perhaps this where the web has been a stronger force in shaping the direction of creeking. What do you guys think?
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