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Harmony of the River

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Here is my entry for the 2014 Short Film of the Year Awards! This is what happens when you give a group of 15-19 year olds kayaks and a car. All filmed in Colorado.
Harmony of the River – (Entry # 27 – Short Film of the Year Awards 2014)
The song was made by one of the kids in our paddling group. Here is a link to his soundcloud
His song will be on itunes soon!
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Great paddling but have to say terrible music.
Sorry Bro...

Great paddling but have to say terrible music.
Oh well, glad you like the paddling! FYI his song won a remix contest and got him a record deal... But its all personal preference haha. And btw, he's 15...
loved the back flip!

They did a great job with the filming and the music is very appropriate!
I've never seen the back flip with the waterfall before. Great touch.:p
Great job, both with the video and the music piece. People really need to listen to the lyrics of todays music to fully understand the full meaning of the song. I just turned 55 and I'm very impressed with this great awakening happening with our youth. Caleb just keep pushing the positive, we got enough negative shit going on this world. Great video!
Well done, the music matches the video very nicely!
Mad props to you youngsters!

If only I had a GoPro when I was your age!

I'd suggest that you burn 30 - 60 minute DVDs every few months...

Editing is super-tough at first, but impossible (sometimes) a few months down the road...

The only thing that might have helped me would be a few more titles/captions, cause that's all new goodies for me!

The music was PG, and it all came together at the flip, that was good footy right there...
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Very nicely done. These kids are creative, athletic, and very productive! This is certainly a great use of their time and they should be very proud of themselves!
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