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We've got a permit to launch from the dam a week from Saturday (8/7) and planning to takeout at Heller Bar on Friday the 13th. Folks are asking for a layover mid-week and I'd like to hear your recommendations.

I ran this stretch once in 2006 and remember having a difficult time finding the mapped camps in some places. Here's a draft itinerary I'm looking to start with:
  • Day 1 - Lower Granite (7.5 miles) Is this difficult to get later in the day?
  • Day 2 - Cat Gulch / Corral Cr. (21.5 miles) Long day but the map shows a few alternate camp options
  • Day 3 - Robinson Gulch (19.6 miles) We missed the takeout for this camp last trip but it looked nice from the river.
  • Day 4 - Layover @ RG (0.0 miles)
  • Day 5 - Knight Cr. (8.0 miles) Any other suggestions just above the confluence?
  • Day 6 - Lower Cottonwood Cr. (9.5 miles) Heard lots of nice things about this one but always seems to be taken when I pass after running the Lower Salmon. Are Thursdays any easier?
  • Day 7 - Takeout and drive to Joseph for the Bronze. Blues & Brews Festival
Let me know if any of this sounds unreasonable or if you have suggestions for better camps to target, especially for the layover day. I'd also love to here of any side attractions (rock art, etc.) along the way as well.

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I haven't floated below pittsburg to hellers so cant help you there.

heard it is flat and upstream wind can be problems

Lower granit is a 2 or 2 1/2 hour float from the dam, you'll probably have no problem., Lower oregon hole on the oregon side a mile or two further is much nicer. The lower camp is an easier hump for gear hauling

I don't know where cat gulch is?? Below Kirkwood?? Kirkwood is at about mile 30, the lower part at kirkwood is nice plus has a toliet

salt and sturgeon rock (pine bar) upstream are also nice. Salt is on the oregon side and nice beach, sturgeon is on Idaho side and nice beach but both are hard to nab

we launch next thursday and jet back to the dam sunday from kirkwood.
It was a 100 today near boise and will no doubt be much hotter in HC

here's a pretty good map Boater's Guide

let me know if you have any more questions
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