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Gunny Gorge info

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Thinking of overnighting the Gunnison Gorge over Labor Day weekend with my wife. First thought is to take my Burn and our single ducky for her. Not super worried about room for gear- between the two boats and our backpacking stuff I think we'll be fine. Anyone recommend against taking a hardboat? Could rent another ducky if there's a good reason to. For some reason I'm having a hard time finding the rules for overnights- Assume I need something for waste- Wag bags in a bomb proof container ok? Can go direct into PVC pipe groover if needed, but a little "cleaner" with wag bags. Firepan required if we have a stove?

What else should we know? We do lots of multiday raft trips, this lighter trip sounds like a nice change of pace.

Thanks for any info, and if anyone else is going to be in there that weekend, interested in sharing shuttle?

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I would take a hardshell, there's a handful of fun class 3 rapids towards the end. I have never seen a ranger in there and the trailhead/launch register is self serve. If a pvc pipe with bags is good enough for permitted stretches then its good enough for the Gunny Gorge. Take your time at the beginning, I think its the most beautiful.
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