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All you Buzzards, this coming weekend the Gunnison River Festival will be kicking off at the Gunni Whitewater Park on Saturday the 21st and Taylor River Canyon Sunday the 22nd. This is a family friendly festival with great competition for all levels of skill with a celebration of our Rivers. This year's theme is "Give Back to Our Park" as we will be raising funds for future park maintenance. Flows are juicy, as you know, and the features and courses are prime!

BIG Water, BIG play features, BIG competition, BIG fun, and a BIG wallet if you can prove your skills.

Here's a rundown of the events:

Saturday June 21st: Gunnison Whitewater Park

The FREESTYLE KAYAK COMP will be held on the 2nd and 3rd features. The 3rd wave has a great foam pile and a steep and green surfer's left face for aerial moves. This wave will feature the advanced bracket and offers great potential for big tricks. The 2nd and less rowdy wave offers a foam pile and smooth green face and will host the intermediate bracket. You will be judged on a 1-10 scale including surf style, surf duration, and tricks. *Both waves can be utilized by paddlers in the competition. $20 entry fee. Cash purse prize

The INFLATABLE RODEO will hold the same criteria as the Kayak Freestyle and whichever inflatable craft you choose to compete with will be welcome, as long as you can put air in it and it floats! $20/person entry fee. Cash purse prize

The KING OF THE WAVE is new this year and is all about who can hold the surf the longest. Potential for multiple competitors on the wave at once, and possible 8 Ball style adversity while trying to maitain the surf. You don't want to miss this one, it's going to be a hoot hollering good time for competitors and spectators alike. $5 entry fee. Swag and pride prize

FOAMY BOATER X- Head to head Foamy Boater race held on a miniature course featuring waterfalls, holes, waves, and steep foamy competition. $10 gets you a quality foamy boater and entry. Cash purse prize

HOOLIGAN RACE! Build it and race it through the park. Our water will be big, around 2500-3000 cfs, so your Hooligan Raft must be able to stay intact for the race. Inspections will be held before race start. $25/boat. Cash purse prize

Sunday June 22nd: Taylor River Canyon
Registration: 9:30A.M. at the new put-in directly below Todd's Slot
Race Start: 10A.M.

We brought the Taylor River Canyon Race back! The race course will go from the bottom of Todd's Slot to South Bank and will feature a Raft and Kayak division.

Raft Race
10FT RAFT MINIMUM, $30 per boat. Rafts will be timed and put-in 15 seconds apart. Fastest time wins!

Kayak Race
Creekboats only, no longboats!, $15 per kayak. The kayak race will be a "run to your boat mass start" and will begin 15 minutes after the last raft so be ready to dodge rubber on the course! First kayak to hit the takeout wins.
Grand Prize: AT bent shaft kayak paddle!

Awards and party will feature Sierra Nevada Beer and all competitors get 2 free beers with their entry fee. Food will be available for purchase at the Smokehouse.

For a complete schedule visit | Fun on the Gunnison!


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