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I am 6 weeks out from ACL reconstruction and am hopefully running the Gunnison Gorge this weekend with a ton of friends.

I have not kayaked since the surgery, and the knee seems to be about 60%. I am a solid class III+ / IV- boater and need to know if this is a good idea.

How is the Gunnison Gorge difficulty relative to Shoshone or Brown's?
Is the Chukar trail to the put-in really as much of a bitch as everyone says it is? I know my specific instructions at least are that I CANNOT carry my boat, but that is not a problem because my buds are doing the hauling in exchange for lots of beer.

Anything noteworthy I should be aware of?

Last but not least - maybe it's just a dumbass idea altogether. I'm cleared by the docs but maybe i should start with Shoshone.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


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I can't speak about your knee or how much it might hurt getting in or out of your boat or how it might feel after a bunch of hours with the long flat at the end, but....the Chukar is a pretty smooth trail and we always just drag our boats down. There are a couple of places where the boat can get away from you and whack your leg, so let someone else drag it and maybe bring some trekking poles so you don't torque your knee.

I thought the run was really III at this level. Not too fast, not too pushy. The only thing we didn't just read and run was Cable, 'cause I couldn't remember the bottom and wanted to look again. It's just a real pretty day.

Have fun; I hope to be down next month. Take a comfy boat.

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