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Argh, wrote up the meeting and it did not post the first time. I went to the meeting might have been the only boater with a bunch of Gross locals. Claire Levy and a Jared Polis staffer attended.


  • DWB very arrogant, it was almost like we are going to do what ever we want regardless of what happens here tonight.
  • DWB seemed like they were trying to sell snake oil, nobody was buying it.
  • DWB is a non-profit non-political organization. From the best that I can tell, this was well thought out plan a long time ago to protect the developers and growth proponents to never allow this circle of more water to be broken.
  • DWB has lots of IGAs to sell water outside their district.
  • Everyone who attended was against the project.
  • Jared Polis staffer did not state their position, but said "DEIS was a piece of crap" and they were unhappy with the plan.
  • Locals around Gross will pay a big price in their quality of life during the logging, slash burning, blasting, and hauling of materials to make the dam. This will be a very long process. They were very unhappy.
  • DWB totally out of touch with the mountain folk, with stupid comments like how about free firewood and water skiing on Gross to appease them.
DWB assumes this is a done deal that pissed off a lot of people from the get go. I did learn the only way this will be stopped is on the federal level - US Army Corp of Engineers, FERC, or EPA.

Very depressing meeting, unchecked growth and lack of real conservation, we are in big trouble in the long run, unless these issues are addressed.

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That's discouraging. thanks for attending; couldn't make it myself. Waterskiing on Gross? That doesn't sound likely.
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