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Green Mtn, Lower Blue

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Hey all,
Just sent this out to my Green Mountain list:

I was out of the office for a few days and in that time, we saw inflows to Green Mountain Reservoir drop off a little bit. We stopped sending water over the spillway and reduced releases.

Two more changes were made today at Green Mountain Dam, further curtailing releases. As a result, we are now releasing 1000 cfs to the Lower Blue River.

Please let me know if you have any related questions. I'm in the office all week.

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How much longer will they be releasing large amounts out off Dillon?
Hi Zercon,
It looks like they've started to scale back the releases out of Dillon. That's why we're scaling back at Green Mountain.

Denver Water has started doing an e-mail outreach for Dillon like I do for the Reclamation Reservoirs out of the Loveland, Colorado office. I think if you call Denver Water, they'll get you in touch with the woman who is now running that program.

Meanwhile, we dropped another 100 cfs off the release from Green Mountain Dam to the Lower Blue. We're now releasing about 900 cfs.

Green Mountain over weekend

Hi all,
Some of you might have noticed that Green Mountain had a sudden decrease in release early Saturday morning, dropping from about 900 cfs to 700 cfs. That is because we had one of the two units in our power plant trip off line.

The guys are working on it now and we hope to have it back up in a day or two. Meanwhile, the 700 cfs release will be made through the one unit at the plant at the foot of the dam.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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