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Although these pics are all of the Fun1... It gives all you out there waiting patiently... an idea of how great these boats are. The outfitting is really NICE and comfy. The boats started shipping last Friday and are going to be in most of our Colorado retailers hands by the end of the week.

EJ's dream of super high performance boats for less than $900 bucks new... is now a reality. This was one of EJ's biggest issues with corporate R&D. But when you only have 7 or 8 employees like Jackson Kayak does it makes these decisions easy. MAKE INSANELY GREAT, AFFORDABLE, DRY KAYAKS!!!

These boats aren't cheap to make nor do they create the largest profit margins to Jackson Kayak... but they do create a new era of super high performance kayaks that should generate some questions to the larger corporations for reasons why they have so much extra weight and cost to the consumer with their boats....


Enjoy!!! and check out some of the comments from folks out east in the BT forum that have already started getting their new boats... EJ hand delivered several to shops in the SE... NOC, Rock Creek and also DC..
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