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Having tested lots of stoves (for a book) I rate Coleman Exponent Xpedition stoves among the best. I've used them hard for years, with no problems whatsoever. The 2-burner is a particularly great choice for lightweight river trips (self support in 'yaks or duckies). But I take it on raft trips as well, and leave the heavy steel box-stove home (more room for beer).


It weighs 26 oz., folds sort of flat, and adjusts from a slow simmer to 10,000 btu per burner. It uses the Coleman PowerMax fuel cartridge, which is aluminum, recyclable, and widely available at Wal-Mart and sporting goods stores. The cartridge is a liquid-feed type (most are vapor feed) so the stove still burns hot in subfreezing temps and when the gas supply is low: no pressure drop.

The 2-burner usually goes for $75-80. But it's on sale for $49.95 at <>, item #83704.

Great stove for river trips, killer deal.

(No I don't work for Coleman or Sierra Trading Post.)

yrs, Chip
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