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You might just need to take a couple of steps back- that's all. What I mean is. Look at the early days of American Whitewater. Very simple, but it had a great following in the local communtiy. Soon it was nation wide.

You could do the same thing. Start small with something you can afford to do on your own merit and cash. Then as you get more popular, you'll have something to offer to a retailer or manufacture. Customers and readers. Until you have a following- no one is going to just hand you over cash. Well maybe parents, but they have their own reasons.

An online site would be an excellent option. It have been done many times and the only ones that seem to get it right are in the porn business. Again what I mean... Most web surfers want almost instant content and resources. If you are not keeping constant new and interesting content and pictures, people will move on. Getting members is another problem. Your asking them to pay for something that others are giving for free. And, you can forget about your boating trips, people don't want to hear about your life on the road. They want something new on your site the next time they log on, or they gone.

You have a great idea. It would be fun to read. But, for it to work you would need to reach every aspect of the whitewater community. If not, your'll run out of things to write about by issue number two. Good luck- I'm rooting for you.
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