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Grand Canyon Winter Trip - Seeking Boaters for 11/13/14 Launch

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I have a private permit to run the Grand with a start date of 11/13/2014. It took close to 25 years to get a permit. My friends have retired, lost interest and or just plain disappeared. I would like to do this trip. I understand it is cold and long but seldom crowded. My preference would be for no more than 10 people with lots of skill and good attitudes. Let's start a dialog. I need to make a decision to do this trip or cancel it so someone else can have the date. Look forward to hearing from you.
Mark Stanley
Santa Rosa, CA
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This is not necessarily a very cold time to go like Dec/Jan. Hope you get some takers.
Would be really interested in this trip. Have done 2 Nov. trips, 1 Dec. trip and several others. Please PM me.

Let's talk. We have done two Nov. trips before. It may move up my retirement date. Would you be interested in doing a spring 2015 as a follow up?
Craig and Mar
Wow! What an incredible offer you are making here. If this was 2015, i'd have already called you! Do you mind if I share your post on a few more Grand Canyon related lists? If you are ok with that, please e-mail me your contact information at [email protected] All the best,tom
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