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I was lucky enough to have snagged the Sept 26th launch in the extended lottery in from a couple of weeks ago. We are planing an takeout of Oct 11th at Diamond Creek.

It would be great to have some safety boaters to join myself, my wife Jackie & hopefully some other rafters. I have 3 people with considerable GCR experience that are strongly interested. I should have firm commitments from them in the next couple of days. Myself & Jackie want to make this a mixed group geared slightly toward the relaxed side. It would be great to have some lady kayakers join the group. If you are solo and want to come we should be able to accommodate your gear. Or if you can get a group of boaters together with a support raft that would also be great.

We are out of Billings MT. My personal craft is too small for this trip. So we are planning on renting a raft\cat and having the meals provided or at least most of them. Also looking to arrange a shuttle. MoenKopi was recommended. I reached out but not heard from them yet.

PM me if you are interested
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