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Colorado River flows for Summer 2015 have been announced. Lucky river travelers will have some nice water to float on and make their miles to their camps.

From the people who run the Glen Canyon Dam:

Hourly releases during June, 2015, are anticipated to fluctuate between approximately 10,000 cfs in the nighttime and approximately 18,000 cfs in the daytime.

The release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for June 2015 will be 800,000 acre-feet.

We anticipate the release volume for July, 2015, will be 1,050,000 acre-feet with fluctuations between approximately 14,000 cfs and 22,000 cfs.

The anticipated release volume for August, 2015, is 800,000 acre-feet with fluctuations between approximately 9,000 cfs and 17,000 cfs. This will be confirmed in a subsequent notification toward the end of June.

Katrina A Grantz, PhD
Hydraulic Engineer, Glen Canyon Dam
Bureau of Reclamation
125 S. State St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84138

Ph: 801-524-3635
[email protected]
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