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We have a 16 person, 16 day trip starting August 6 and need an experienced guide to join us.
We have several experienced guides at this point; Alan ex-professional guide, Terry 6 GC trips many dozens of private trips, David 10 GC trips, hundreds of short trips.
Competent, interesting active participants; even male-female split. Average age about 45.
So far no exchanges - everyone will be doing the whole trip.
We're expecting to do one layover day.
Gear and food from Moenkopi.
The trip will be healthy - where possible organic food, few sweets and no junk. No or very limited alcohol/drugs.
Poems, meditation, yoga.
We want to come home healthier than when we started.
We'd especially like a female guide.
If you think you'd fit in contact Will at [email protected] and send your experience, etc.
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