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January 26, 2015

This notification confirms that the release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for February 2015 will be 600,000 acre-feet. Hourly and daily average releases from Glen Canyon Dam for February 2015 will be scheduled through Western Area Power Administration to be consistent with the Glen Canyon Dam Operating Criteria (Federal Register, Volume 62, No. 41, March 3, 1997) and to also achieve, as nearly as is practicable, this monthly volume.

Hourly releases during February 2015 are anticipated to fluctuate between approximately 6,500 cfs in the nighttime and approximately 12,500 cfs in the daytime.

We anticipate the release volume for March 2015 will be 650,000 acre-feet with fluctuations between approximately 7,000 cfs and 13,000 cfs. The anticipated release volume for April 2015 is 600 kaf. This will be confirmed in a subsequent notification toward the end of February.

This notification supersedes all previously issued notifications and is current until a new notification is issued. All times identified in this notification are local time (Mountain Standard Time) and not hour ending.

If there are any concerns or questions regarding these operations, I can be reached at 801-524-3635. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Katrina Grantz
Hydraulic Engineer/Glen Canyon Dam
Upper Colorado Region
Bureau of Reclamation
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