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we spent a shitlong time putting this together so it might save you time to see our work.

we had a 16 day for 16 people permit for the first part of August. I took 11 people total and we did 17.5 days to South Cove. Flows were from 15K to 20K, 20K being a rainstorm flashflood bonus from about 18K peak damflow.

we rented from canyon REO. They were much less than PRO but we were not hip to Canon Outfitters who seems better yet. REO rigs were old but functional. The oars were a shit show though and the Cam's they gave held but we half hitched ALL of them...if I owned them I would seriously toss them out...and I still wear jeans from high school 15 years ago. We had several on river repairs and pumped the boats constantly, twice a day some days.
Try this guy from PAGE...much more convenient being in Page near Lee's and his shit is nice as PRO from what I saw. I met the guy picking up some dudes at Diamond and he is cool as shit as well....sounds like he is LESS money too!

TL's pay close attention to your crew's feet the first couple days...over 1/2 my peeps had blisters by day 4. This of course is bullshit. Use a bleach bucket to soak sandals for a few minutes every other night.

Run pierce ferry rapid sober. You may even want to put on a life jacket.

The menu is for 11 people for 18 days. We had ice on day 14 in the icee kool's with regular block ice. We had too much lunch meat and not enough bread or tortillas, all the rest was perfect. This was an easy add a veggie menu too.

Bring Ambian sleep aid...a good nights sleep is pretty much unattainable and about every 3 days I took one so I could sleep through the night b/c it is soo frickin hot and the bugs are a pain in the ass.

we brought 5 fifths of rum and tequilla this was 2 nights of rum punch and margs. We brought 5 of the 1/2 barrel (full) kegs and a 10# co2 system. Drag the keg and the co2 and use a long pouring spout hose that is also in the water...the beer comes out cold and not so foamy. We put the kegs in the water most nights to keep them cold. The premium ales did better with the foam, the lagers (pbr, high life, etc) did not do so well with the foam while pouring but within a few minutes the foam wend down and onto the boozing.

anyway I gotta get to work...hope this helps.

ohh. buy the ammo cans and back your food in advance (like a week for the dry goods/non perishables b/c it takes about 6 hours.


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