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From BLM: *Launch 3 area, group campsites, and individual sites south of Launch 3 at Pumphouse will be closed to the general public starting at 1 pm on Friday, August 22rd and will closed until 1 pm on Monday, August 25th. These areas are reserved for Gore Race participants and spectators.
*Confluence Road (Gore Canyon put-in) will be closed just past the little temporary parking/take-out for the Blue River from 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday, August 24th.
Everyone must pay $5 per vehicle per day (Friday-Monday). Campsites are $10 per night Friday and Sunday night. All campers on Saturday night only need to pay $1 per person (this money contributes to the assigned site fee paid by Lakota Guides). Please write "Gore Race" on all fee envelopes. There is an additional fee station near Launch 3 before you enter the lower camping area.
The river will be VERY busy from Pumphouse down to Two Bridges and beyond (we are expecting many private boaters to move downriver this weekend to avoid these events).
All boat launches will be more crowded than usual and everyone needs to work together to make it work. We will have all our staff out but it is a big river and we won't be able to be everywhere when needed. We appreciate you all helping us to make it a great weekend for everyone!
Please contact me with questions or concerns.
Also, from AW:
Wanted to let you know that we got a commitment today from Reclamation and the water managers at C-BT and Green Mountain to deliver 1180cfs for the event this weekend.
Given all the rain that is sweeping through the area, flows might vary a bit, but we should expect 1150-1200cfs.---Thanks Nathan
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