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Gore Fest & Black canyon Videos

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It's that time of year again that we try to get stoked on ski season but it doesn't really work(for me at least). So have a look at these videos of some Colorado goods.
Gore Race thing(organized solo)

Black Canyon
Black canyon - YouTube

And M-Wave
Afternoon Beater Session - YouTube

Oh and a little high water bakers box
Bakers Box High Water Party - YouTube
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Looks like you had a heck of a season! Thanks for the share!
Awesome. I just cherry picked the Black Canyon video but I'll have to watch the other ones later. Brought back good memories of being in there. Sweet lines on Next Gen. Looks like Claaaauudia tried really hard to break her ankles on the waterfall - glad that worked out.
Sweet edits slaya! Some of my favorite places and people.
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