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1999 Chevy Blazer Sport Utility
-Asking blue book $5690, but will take $5000 even for MB boater special!
-4 door w/ drop down tailgate and raising rear glass
-2 wheel drive
-59,500 miles (average is 78,000 for vehicle age)
-Aftermarket CD player w/ detachable face
-Light brown color
-New all season mud and snow tires (bought late 2004)
-All oil changes performed on time
-No body damage or rust
-No mechanical problems (replaced alternator once, A/C recharge, heat selector switch only repairs done to vehicle)
-Snow chain cables for rear wheels included, no problems on mountain passes with cables. Easy to put on in less than 10 minutes.
-Passed emissions with no problems
-Good shuttle vehicle, cruises on the HWY
-Playboat & 7'4" river runner fits in back w/ rear seats down
-lots of cargo space for all your boating and camping gear
-Can sleep in back w/ rear seats down
-Clean interior w/ cloth seats
-Seats 5
-Added tow hitch to back, but never pulled anything behind it (was thinking of getting a motor boat).
-Well maintained and taken care of
-Was in south until summer 2005. Winter 05 has been in garage
-Enjoys carrying kayaks on top!
-Increases paddling skills by a full half grade! Just kidding.
-Amazingly does not smell like boater funk or stinky polypro!

I'm selling it because I am getting a new car. Its a good boater vehicle with lower than average miles, and has been well maintained. I live in central Denver. I am posting an ad here before I try to sell it in the paper, because I would rather another boater have first shot to get a deal on it. Give me a call on my cell 303-907-1373 if you are interested.

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