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I went down to the Golden WW park yesterday to check it out. They had 2 bulldosers actively working on the Bingo hole.....looks like the were narrowing the river a bit and working on the right bank. Added bonus.... when you get tired of surfing the wave, you can go down the twisty green slide, land on the sun, and then go pet the pretty 100 lb trout (you'll see what I mean).

The next hole upstream (real narrow and useless last year) is relatively the same, but the right side bank is torn up for bulldoser traffice, so maybe when they fix it they'll work on the hole some too.

The library hole has a face-lift too with fresh concrete filling in the washed out areas at the lower river level. It appears at mid and high water level there is no concrete fill-in, but just loose pebbles and dirt. I imagine these will wash out again when the river comes up. Anyhow, I am optimistic that we will have a decent low-water hole here in the spring again like last year.

I notice no changes between the library hole and the bleacher hole. The bleacher hole looks like it may have some new concrete build up on the river left side. About 2 inches higher?? I could be wrong on this but I didn't notice it last year (of course I wasn't examining it last year either). The ledge hole directly up stream looks like it may have some new concrete build up on the sides as well (again, I could be just imagining this).

I am probably completely incorrect about all of this, but there is no need to threaten my life, insult me, my mother, my moral values, my intelligence, my driving ability, or my outlook on children.

Thank you,
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