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Brook A. 1 Expert
Kyle M. 2 Expert
Crispy 3 Expert
Mike Par. 4 Expert
Brian H. 5 Expert
George B. 6 Expert
Evan 7 Expert
Eric B. 8 Expert
Eric H. 9 Expert
Brad G. 10 Expert
Phill 11 Expert

Sam 1 Intermediate
Mark C. 2 Intermediate
Preston 3 Intermediate
Gary M 4 Intermediate
Mark S. 5 Intermediate
Ken G. 6 Intermediate
Mathew 7 Intermediate
Orion K. 8 Intermediate

James C. 1 Sport
Tom S. 2 Sport
Adam C. 2 Sport
Cassidy 3 Sport


Tracy B. 1 Expert
Monica 2 Expert
Claire 3 Expert

Danielle 1 Intermediate

Kathy 1 Sport
Susan 2 Sport


Gary Mullins 1 C-1

Thanks to all that came out. Also THANKS to all that helped with setting up, judging, and everything else.

The next Rodeo will be WED. June 9, 2004

See ya there,

Gary Mullins :D

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just want to add...

The paddlers representing the East Team are Brook Aitken, Mike Paris, and Monica Giamellaro. These three will represent at the East/West Competition at the TEVA Moutnain Games. Congratulations and good luck!

Also, winners of the fun categories include...

Gary Mullins - Friendliest Boater - who can argue, this guy defines friendliness...

Erik B - Best Windowshade (which was followed shortly by one of the smoothest helixes I have ever seen! Watch out for this guy...he's good.)

Crispy - Best Old School Move - for throwing an "ender", which might not seem that over-the-top, but when you do it dressed as a cow, you get bonus points...

With over 30 competitors and a bunch of spectators, this event was awesome - it's exciting to see a community come together like this - I think we're all lucky to be a part of it!


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almost forgot - special thanks to our judges (Christy, Preston, Chris, Reed, Jim, and Patty) and mc (Mark)- they did an awesome job last night - it is a lot of work to run the event, and we couldn't do it without such great help!

(also want to clarify, getting bonus points for dressing like a cow only applies to the fun categories, which I judged, separately from the actual rodoe scores...the judges scoring the rodeo won't take things like that into account, so don't try to come dressed like a pig, donkey, frog, etc...unless you're in the running for best costume category, which is absolutely in order for next rodeo!)

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All I wanna know is where was CLAUDE HOOVER...probably creekin in the hills. Congrats CRISPY on your 3rd!
surfs up!

ian l.
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