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The Golden Community Rodeo is back and this year we're going to hold three events! These rodeos will have an Expert, Intermediate, and Sport class and like last year, each event will give prizes for fun categories like most swims, burliest boater, and best dressed!

The events will be held in Golden (in the best whole at the water level) on the following dates, each starting at 5:30pm:

April 29
May 13
May 26 - this event will be the qualifier for the East Team that will be invited to compete at the TEVA Mountain Games in the East/West competition the following weekend. This event will also follow with a small celebration at one of the area venues (within walking distance).

There is no entry fee for any of these events. We will have a jar out for donations that will go to the Clear Creek Whitewater Festival and the Clear Creek Whitewater Park, if you feel so inclined.

We will have a men's and women's series winner based on the combination of scores for finishes in the rodeo and points for any fun categories too!

These events will be held in the same spirit as last year's - we hope everyone feels welcomed to compete, at all levels. The supportive environment that we feel everyday on the river is one we want to transfer into the rodeo scene. We have prizes donated from throughout the Golden community - they are proud of their course and happy to support the boaters that come to Golden to play!

So far, we have prizes from Woody's, Golden Natural Food Store, Golden City Brewery, Ptarmagins, Arapahoe Basin, Buffalo Rose, Sportsman Barber Shop, J.Lawrence Signature Salon, Bolder Boulder, Safeway, Santiago's Mexican Buffet, Stohlquist, Tony Rigatoni's, Mountain Miser, Alpenglow, and Renaissance Adventure Guides.

So, new or seasoned - come and show off a little. We encourage you to bring friends and anyone who might be interested in watching and/or participating.

Hope to see lots of boaters there! Danielle
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