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Thanks to all that came to compete and watch the first RODEO of the G.C.R. 2005.

We will be having the RODEO for the next three weeks starting @ 5:00 and the scores are cummulative for the series so keep on comin'. If you missed the first one do not worry because we will be taking the 3 out of 4 events for the the overall winners.

Here are the winner from last night, May 25th:

Jr. (17 and under):

1st Brain Horan
2nd Zach Mitchell
3rd Merritt Logan

Masters (40 and over):

1st Newton Logan
2nd Bryan
3rd Gary Mitchell

Women's Sport:

1st Sandrin
2nd Kris
3rd Cathy & Jenny

Women's Intermediate:

1st Maya & Danielle

Men's Sport:

1st Luke
2nd Andrew
3rd Steve

Men's Inetmediate:

1st Matt Ryan
2nd Brain Smith & Mark Cohen
3rd Brent J.

Men's Expert:

1st Brook A.
2nd Brain Horan
3rd Eric Bissel

P.S. If you have any questions and/or feed-back please post or e-mail Gary or Danielle @ [email protected] ; [email protected].

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