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Glenwood Springs Third Thursday Throwdown

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This Thursday. 6:06 PM. Be there... If you haven't heard, this is THE must-see event of the year. The freaking president is coming!*

Everyone in attendance will get a 1 hour foot massage and facial from none other than Tommy Hilleke. On top of that, Peter Benedict of CRMS will be giving away iPhones and free puppies.

There will be competition options for SUPs/Boards as well as kayaks. So come on out, imbibe, gawk at the beautiful people, heckle the judges, and be merry.

* President of the local chess club
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how about some info without a link to facebook?
Right, of course... Lets see, um... 6:04PM SHARP... And, hmm... Oh yes, Thursday night. And... well, its at the wave in Glenwood. So, I guess those are the details.
Yee HAwwww!

I might be a little late, like 6:09ish so hopefully I'll make registration before cutoff! Psyched!
I had a great time at the competition. See you in August.
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