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Hey folks,

There have been some tow ropes being used at the Glenwood wave. The ropes make life so much easier to get onto the wave. But... the City has been to the park and took one rope and left a sign that says "No Ropes". I talked with the parks and rec superintendent and he informed me that the no ropes rule is an insurance comnapy mandate. I have the contact info for the insurance broker and have a call into him. In the mean time we need to police ourselves. One issue that was raised is the fact that ropes have been left in the water overnight unattended. Here are a couple general rules that I think would help the situation.

1) All ropes must leave when the owner leaves. This way, there are no ropes left in the water unattended.
2) If the City comes to tell you to take the rope out, do the right thing, be courtious and remove the rope.
3) Think about your escape plan if you or someone else gets caught up in the rope. If someone gets hurt down there becasue of a rope, that will be the end of the rope.
4) If the consensou in the eddie is that people don't want or can't handle the rope, respect that and remove the rope.

Basically use common sense and don't leave any ropes unattended.

And, the wave is really good right now and only getting better. Come enjoy it. The new on shore park improvements make it really nice for friends and family to hang out.
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