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Glenwood play park on Wed?

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Anyone from Summit interested in hitting the Glenwood wave on wednesday?
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FYI wave is tough for kayaks right now. Surgy and not very retentive. I live down the street and am heading for the Eagle today.
hey eric

It is Gregg from summit, Big Sur on Wednesday then?
What time of day are you thinking? I just moved to Edwards and would be up for it. Sounds like the long boats may need to come out for Glenwood.

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would you be up for big sur?

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What time would you like to meet in Edwards? I have to be back in Dillon by 5:30 so on the road back by 3:00.
Sorry, I should of clarified. I am pretty much an 8-5er so I was thinking of going down for the evening. I stopped last night and it was looking pretty good (traveling for work so no boat).

Likely worth it even if you roll solo. Plus there was no shortage of people. Actually the most I have ever seen out there. Water resources Body of water Water River Natural landscape

Feel free to hit me up if you are looking to paddle another time. If it holds out (and I think it will), I have next Friday off and may also try and head down for a day this weekend.

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