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Want a whitewater park in Fort Collins? Care about the having the range of flows necessary to maintain ecological function along the Poudre river in town? Want the city to grow sustainably, with the Poudre as a centerpeice for amenities such as a performing arts complex north of Old Town? Let the Corps of Engineers know!

The proposed Glade Reservoir would flatline peak flows in Fort Collins by diverting Poudre River water to a reservoir at Ted's Place. This project would make an in-town whitewater park impossible, severely impact riparian habitat, and stand in the way of sustainable development of the Poudre River corridor. Plenty of Buzzards have worked hard to make the WW park a reality, so don't let the Corps of Engineers derail the possibility.

If you have strong feelings about the Glade Reservoir for recreation, ecological, or economic reasons, now is your chance to express them. Check and email a comment to the Corps. It doesn't have to be a big deal, just spend 20 minutes jotting down some thoughts--talking points are available at the link.

Comments are due tomorrow, Saturday 9/13. Make your voice heard!

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