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Glacier Glove Durability

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As air temps begin to fall here in the PNW, I've started using my new Glacier Gloves (Perfect Curve model). I've only used them twice, both times on Class 2-3 runs, neither of which involved any swimming, scrambling, etc. After both runs I noticed significant wear and cuts to the gloves. After the first run I found a circular cut on the palm about the size of a dime. It's not all the way through, but close, and left a flap. Then the second time out there is a small chunk out of one finger, and a significant wear spot on the edge of the thumb where it meets the paddle. At this pace, they're going to be junk after half a dozen uses. Also, my wife picked up a pair, and used them once. She didn't have any cuts like mine, but a chunk tore off from the bottom (wrist) edge when she was putting them on. We aren't particularly tough on gear; they just seems to be falling apart with light use. Can this be normal? Seems crazy for a $40 pair of gloves. Maybe I just need to give it up and go back to Pogies.


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Thats an interesting post. I got a pair last Xmas and used them maybe a dozen times or so last winter/spring. At the end of that time period, both the gloves had surface abrasions along the webbing bet the thumb and index finger where the paddle would rub. I took them out today for the 1st time this fall and put gorilla tape at the damaged places to prevent further wear and tear but it just came unstuck. If I use them the usual amount this cold season I think there will be through and through holes in both. I really cannot understand why these glove makers do not reinforce these particular areas; its a common thread in every single brand I have tried. I might just cannibalise some neoprene from an older pair and patch them at the damaged sites.

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Just stick with pogies or buy the NRS versions
I bought these on closeout a few seasons ago
Glacier Glove Aleutian Neoprene Gloves

I used them maybe 30 times so far, they are in great shape. I think I paid about $18 for them. I am usually pretty hard on gear.
I've never had that issue with mine and they are a few seasons old. I'd recommend Seal Cement neoprene cement to repair them. We use it on wet suits and spray skirts and it bomb proof. Follow the directions to a "t" and I think you'll like the result.
I've had mine for about 3 seasons. They definitely have some wear these days, but they held up pretty good for a couple seasons. "Aqua seal" works really well to fix them or just to reinforce them too. I was trying to put them on wet a year or so ago, and pulled the cuff apart where it connects to the hand. So i sewed it back together and then aqua sealed it on both sides. Worked like a charm.
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