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If you live in GJ and you own WWSR, chances are that you've seen the listing for The Boiler aka The Silo Hole.

It's in. Eddy service doesn't look awesome, but a wave is a wave and for after work paddling it beats driving to Montrose.

From Downtown GJ, head west on 340 toward the Redlands. At Power Rd (just before Albertsons in the Redlands) turn right, take that about a mile until you get to a gravel pit/lake on your left. At the second driveway of said gravel operation, look to the right and the two mediocre features are right there, maybe 100' away. Park there.

Take out ~1/2 mile down at Connected Lakes State Park and walk back up the road to your car. Or hit this as the end part of a 29rd-through-town run?

I checked it out this PM at ~6000 cfs. Please share what levels you've run it at, quality, etc...


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