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If you want to try kayak polo for the first time, or tried it a while ago and found it disorganized or difficult to be a new player, we've made a lot of changes to improve things and support new players better! Here's how:

Skills Clinics: We'll start each night off with a 15-minute skills clinic, typically given by Marty Bell or another very experienced player. Marty has played polo internationally, and has a lot of great information to offer all levels of players.

New Team/Game Structure:
Everyone plays together in teams that are randomly organized each night. This allows more experienced players to help newer players come up to speed quickly, lets everyone have a chance to play with different people, and ensures that teams are full and everyone gets the same amount of play each night.

Here's how it works on a typical night:

  • Starting at 7:40, we'll have a sign up sheet on the scoring table by the pool. As you come in, make sure that you add your name to the list or have the person at the table sign you up.
  • We'll make up as many evenly-skilled five person teams as we can by 8:10, and then distribute the remainder of people evenly among the teams.
  • The schedule for the night will depend on how many teams we form, and will be enforced by the people running the table. Each team will get at least two games/night.
  • Each team will have a manager from the MKP committee that will ensure that the team plays when they're supposed to and has the assigned people on it.
  • If your team isn't playing, you shouldn't be in the pool.
  • The master lists/schedule will be at the table. If you wonder what team you're on or when your team plays, ask at the scoring table.
Want to know more?

Check out our website at Mountain Kayak Polo

If you or your friends want to try polo but can't start this week, email [email protected] and we'll work out the details.

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