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I wish I could cross post this in raft & kayak trip planning forums, I'm down for either. My raft and gear is loaded in a truck and ready, but I am more likely to kayak self support because it will be quicker. Doesn't matter. Just want to make it happen. This ain't really a beer float, speed is important...

The Gila is just coming off a big spike, and there is about 50% chance of rain thurs-monday.

I want to do the 39 mile stretch between Grapevine campground and just above gila.

I'm in Albuquerque, and I can leave tonight, put in early tomorrow.
I'd rather not do it solo, but all the regular criminals are tapped on vacation time and I'm thinking I probably will if i can't find anymore dirtbags for safety.

Any beta is way appreciated.
Anybody interested?
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I live in Gila, we got considerable rain this afternoon. Hopefully the river will spike again. Planning a trip as well in the next few days or week. PM me if you want some more info or want to swap contacts
I don't think your PM is on or something, tried to send you an email...
It just started going up again. At this point I can't make it there in time to put on tomorrow, but could do Saturday. I really want to get on this.
Ok, so I'm sitting on my hands here trying to find someone to go with...water is holding, probably will for another 4-5 days. I am now thinking of leaving tomorrow or Monday...anyone? Seriously good opportunity.
OK PEOPLE. The water is coming up again. I can drive, I can cover gas, and I can get a shuttle. SOMEBODY LET'S GET SOME.
I wish I could go!

There's no way I can go without getting fired, but I'm crazy jealous and would love to! I hit it last year, but prior it had been many years between runnable flows and to hit it this time of year is a treat.

I hope you make it and can't say how sorry I am that I have to work this week! Best of luck - there were no big rapids but seriously pushy water at these flows and river wide strainers that must be portaged in a couple of places.

There are a lot of bear so plan for that.

That's my favorite run ever - I sure hope you hook up with someone and take advantage of this rare opportunity!
AND It's dropping. And still not a soul. PRETTY BUMMED.
Ha. I am thinking about it, but tomorrow is a tuesday and the flow is dropping. will probably be unrunnable by the end of the week.
If you don't make it to the Gila, a rare treat of the Arkansas being runnable in October appears to be on. Still over 500 cfs and holding. Nice weekend forecast ahead too.

That really sucks you couldn't find anyone - I had the same problem earlier this year when the Canadian ran. I was all lined up with maps and plans when my friend backed out and then I couldn't find anyone.

I tried for a couple days on the forums to no avail - the opportunity was so rare that I packed up and went anyway. I had a good time camping and scouting, and caught the rare perfect flow for boating, but didn't see any other boaters.

It'd be nice to build a group of NM boaters willing to try for last minute opportunistic runs on our local perennial streams - it's hard to get people at last minute and no-one can predict these rivers more than a few days ahead of a possible trip.
just noticed thread

I'm down here in Glenwood and was thinking the same thing the last week or so but had too many commitments these couple of weeks. I am frequently looking for willing boaters here and elsewhere, so we should get in touch.
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