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Gerber River Shorty vs CRKT Bear Claw

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Looking for opinions on Gerber River Shorty vs CRKT Bear Claw. Lost my trusty river shorty after stashing it for a hitched shuttle. I know the bear claw has a big following but my river shorty never let me down, but thankfully it was never needed in a rescue scenario. So basically for cutting cheese and spreading peanut butter it did the job.
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I'm a big fan of the Bear Claw - sharp as hell and fits my (right) hand perfectly - but have heard directly from two different people who had them fall out, one while swimming and another while climbing into a raft. I'm thinking about adding a short, breakable cord to connect mine to my vest.

The curved, thin blade of the BC is pretty worthless as a spreader.
I would never use my rescue knife for cutting cheese or other. I keep a cheese knife if the cooler and another in my personal ammo can. I also have a small Gerber fold knife in my Green Jacket pocket. I have the CRKT Bear Claw Blunt Tip. I try NOT to pull it out of the sheath to much so that it stays tight. I used a zip tie to attach to the green jacket. I also added a pop rivet through the sheath and jacket with a backing washer to keep it tight. I use a womens hair tie (small bungie) as a backup so that if the knife falls out, it will hang from the jacket. The hair tie is cut and tied through the hole in the handle and attached to the biner snap just under the lash tab.
I also added a pop rivet through the sheath and jacket with a backing washer to keep it tight. .
Do you have a pic of this? Sounds like a good idea. Thx.
I sure as hell wouldn't want my knife to stay tethered and flopping around when going for a hole ride.

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I do not use any of those early designed double edged so called rescue knives. Reason being I do not want to cut some one (as happened on the Ocoee and the boater bled to death in their arms) with the double edge. These knives do make great sandwich spreader units but I retired the one I purchased to the has been box.

My opinion, the bear claw is one of the better rescue knives out there. I lost my first bear claw getting window shaded by one of the Ocoee's many great spots to test your hole riding skills. Had it in the factory supplied holster.

I replaced it but added one of those little hoopie key holders with rings at both ends and a push to open clip in the middle. They come in various lengths and one just fit my bear claw holster with the other to the knife's handle. Been a number of years and it still works. Easy to get to and as mentioned bomber so far. Had a number of nice window shades and swims since then and the knife has never come close to slipping out of the holster but comes out easy when I need it.
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Dave, do you mean one of those retractable wheel gizmos? Having a hard time picturing it, but that's prob me.
Do you have a pic of this? Sounds like a good idea. Thx.
No, But I'll get one when I get a minute later today.

BTW: Adorama has the Bear Claw for $28.13 + $5.25 USPS shipping > Link

PM me your email and I will send you a photo

I have not had any luck placing a photo on the Buzz

Actually, these gizmos are usually in the key fob area of many hard ware stores which is where I got mine, ACE I think
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