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Gear Repair/Custom Sewing - Roaring Fork Valley

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FYI to fellow Roaring Fork Valley (CO) peeps- we have a production sewing shop in Carbondale and provide gear repair & custom sewing to the outdoor community.
We have an array of specialty industrial sewing machines and a good selection of fabrics, webbing, buckles, & more to repair, create, or recreate your widgets.
Contact info is at our website ( Our shop is upstairs above the Roaring Fork Beer Co. tasting room.

Cheers - Kevin
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ah man! awesome! super glad to know. this is clutch! youll be seeing me next time some shit breaks!!!
I have a need and will be seeing you soon! Glad to hear of a local option where I can over-explain my trivial need for something otherwise unavailable. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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