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GCPBA RiverNews 10/5/14 - Grand Canyon River Permit Lottery Website Updated To Show New Upcoming Available Launch Dates

The Grand Canyon river permits office has made an update to their noncommercial river permits lottery website.

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association had requested that they announce, as early as possible, launch dates that will be made available in every upcoming follow-up lottery.

The river permits office has done exactly that. The lottery login page will now show, in advance, available launch dates that are going to be offered in the next scheduled lottery. Furthermore, the login page will be continually updated as recently cancelled dates become available in the next lottery.

With this information to noncommercial river runners they will be able to make a better decision whether or not to enter a lottery for one or more of those dates. For example, they will be able to begin preliminary planning of trip participants before lotteries are actually conducted.

Click here for the lottery login page, or here:

Be sure to save it as a bookmark or favorite and check it weekly.

GCPBA appreciates Steve Sullivan, manager of the river permits office, for making this adaptation to the website and his many discussions with GCPBA.

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thanks a lot for posting this and getting the NPS to provide the info ahead of time.

there is a 10/15/14 spot that i would love to snag but need to find another boat to go. any interest out there?

or, if somebody here gets that spot and needs to get somebody else on the trip, i'd appreciate being considered for it. got a boat and gear.

this may be a rare chance to actually win with the launch date only a week from the lottery.
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