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Yesterday and today, in Flagstaff, the National Park Service and the Bureau of Reclamation met and is meeting to discuss the planning for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Long Term Experimental and Management Plan (LTEMP) governing the operation of Glen Canyon Dam. All parties with a stake in dam operations are represented. The meeting gives GCPBA a chance to have input into how the dam may control the flows that affect boaters in so many ways on the river.

This is a unique opportunity for private boaters to help generate the alternatives that will be in the EIS. Usually, organizations and the public are only allowed to comment once the alternatives have been written. This time, we have input in the formative stages of the alternatives thanks to Rob Billerbeck of the NPS and Beverly Heffernan of the BOR.

GCPBA Board member Rich Turner made a presentation from the GCPBA Board yesterday to the assembled group, which seemed to have been well received. That, of course, doesn't mean all or any of our ideas will be part of the alternatives (as many groups with sometimes conflicting ideas are involved), but we are making our voice heard in this important process. Today we are meeting in small breakout groups to help refine the ideas that have been generated by everyone to this point.

This EIS is VERY important to us because dam operations affect the camping beaches, vegetation, wildlife, and how much water we have under our boats. When the final alternatives come out later this year, the public will have an opportunity to comment. Please take that time have your voices heard.

Rich Phillips
Secretary, GCPBA
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