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Sorry for the delay in writing up this report after our annual meeting. Seems that some travel and knee surgery put me behind.
As most of you know we held our annual meeting in Flagstaff October 5 & 6, 2019. All Board members running for reelection were, in fact, reelected. Officers for the coming year are:
President……………Richard Harter
Vice President……John Vrymoed
Secretary……………Blakely LaCroix
Treasurer……………David Levine
At large members are:
Helen Howard
Rich Turner
Wally Rist.
It was with deep regret that we accepted the resignation of Dave Mortensen from the Board. We hope he finds retirement fun and full of adventure.
There were a number of topics that had the Board’s attention this year and among the top was the return of the River Patrols for the second year. Last year there were a number of citations written for not wearing a PFD, drinking while boating, no or improper fire pan and blanket and contraband found in camp. I am happy to report that those issues seem to have been resolved by participants better understanding and following the rules. When I spoke to the Park regarding these issues last year and early this year I had some questions regarding boatpersons having a beer while rowing the river and was told that NPS was enforcing Arizona State Law on boating while drinking. After check AZ laws it seems pretty obvious that AZ law is only interested in the operation of motorized craft. You can read the statute at Regardless it is imperative that we all have a “Safety First” attitude while on the river. Please be responsible.
We are still keeping an eye on the boundary issue with the Hualapai tribe, however, we are happy to report that this issue seems to have abated some this year.
Our Secretary, Blakely LaCroix, has taken the time and effort to archive the entire history of the old YahooGroups listserve before it goes away forever. This was a monumental task that will allow all of us to have a record, from one perspective, of what it took to get the CRMP enacted and allow ~500 trips per year to launch.
As of this writing there is no permanent superintendent to replace Christine Lennertz at GCNP and we have heard nothing going forward. GCPBA feels it is imperative that the Park get a new, permanent, superintendent at the earliest possible time. More on this issue as it develops.
Sometime around the end of 2018 GCPBA and the River Permit Office began looking into a couple of tweaks to the CRMP. One of them was a way to extend the options in which a PATL could be named. The big obstacle is that since there is no superintendent there is no way to get a sign off on the change. No one else at the Park has the authority, or wants the responsibility, so it appears that we all must wait for the new superintendent to be named before this issue can go forward. When this progresses to a solid proposal that can be achieved we will come back with a full report.
We hope everyone had a great season on the water this year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Rich Harter
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