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Hi Folks.

Received the following note from Steve Sullivan in the River Office.


Hi Rich,

I hope you are well. I thought I'd write to bring your attention to a few changes on our website.

First, we have added a "Helpful Links (noncommercial)" shortcut to the main River Trips page at Grand Canyon National Park - Helpful Links for Noncommercial River Trips (U.S. National Park Service)

If you click on that link, you will find quick pathways to commonly sought documents or web pages. From now on, we will updating this page instead of our FAQs to point to our most recent statistics. You can find a link on that page to our statistics from the last lottery as well.

Second, if from the "Helpful Links" page you click on the link below "Available Noncommercial River Launch Dates", you will see a page that describes what dates are currently being released through the lottery. You will notice on this page that we are testing out RSS feeds as yet one more way people can find out about available launch dates. Anyone who desires is welcome to test that feature and share ideas toward improving the site.

Third, the lottery login page is currently showing that we have 19
applications in for the last minute, July 3rd cancellation. [RP Note - the final number of applicants for that launch was 20.]

I hope all this helps.

Steve Sullivan



Rich Phillips

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